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Stronger whānau & connected,

cohesive, collaborating communities

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We have learnt that the social solutions have huge impact on our community and whānau, an impact that transfers positively into education, housing and especially health areas. These new social solutions are challenging but we will work tirelessly to partner with the right groups to ensure

they are realised.


Ruapehu whānau who are happy, resilient, vibrant and strong collective entities have the necessary information, knowledge, skills and confidence to prosper.

These life-changing solutions will create real spaces and activities to foster strong everyday relationships in our rohe where whānau will be inspired and motivated to self-lead

sustainable change. 

New Social Solutions

Engage our community of whānau to agree and promote our shared community values


Establish a Ruapehu Sports Hub to foster talent and spread social and economic values

across our rohe


Lead, support, enable initiatives to one day achieve a substance-free community

Social: Service


Host annual Top Town event to encourage community interaction, through safe, fun,

family-friendly competition

Construct an innovative modern and open digital technology & learning environment. 

'Te Pae Tata' pushes the boundaries of educational possibility for our community

Expand the Kaitoko Whānau programme by extending the model beyond connecting families with social services to also connecting whānau with their aspirations

Establish community value statements across Raetihi, Ohākune and Waiouru

Host Street specific events organised to encourage neighbourly interaction and strengthen community support networks

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