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Our Maunga connects us,
our people enrich our rohe & 
our stories unite us

It is through this mantra that we gain resilience, and the fortitude to ensure our plans are successful.

The Ruapehu rohe has a rich history comprised of stories from the many people who make up the fabric of the community. As we embark on this transformative journey we must look and learn from all our pasts and take the traditions that make us who we are as a community and whānau into the

future we are preparing for.

Alongside whānau and community leaders, in 2013 we challenged ourselves to have the courage, commitment and imagination to work together to create and implement the first

Ruapehu Whānau Transformation Plan (RWT).


For the first time, we brought together the many facets and faces of our community represented amongst a steering group we call the Community Reference Group (CRG). The CRG was established in 2012 and it is their stories that primarily informed our first plan for collective, inclusive impact. For our second, the CRG asked us to increase the scope and be informed by a wider range of local stories. We responded and opened up the process up to our near 4000 population to

contribute, and they did!


Through their voices, stories, solutions and aspirations the Ruapehu Whānau Transformation Plan 2020 was launched in 2018. As we continue on this new path illuminated by the achievements of the previous iteration, we are still weary of the need to plan for an unknown, rapidly changing future. The world of work requires resilient 21st century skills. It is not only up to the national education system to teach these, but it is up to us as parents, as community, as iwi as a society.

Informed through our Stats and our Stories, the original plan set out how we could collectively achieve 23 solutions that would create the conditions where whānau were empowered with information and opportunities to lead their own transformation, and how at the same time we would use our collective influence to transform the environment of our community, schools and businesses to better enable and sustain whānau-driven transformation.

The plans consist of a whenua-based framework, founded in the teachings of Koro Ruapehu. There is a well-known concept here at home:


Koro Ruapehu will look after every living thing in his shadow.


This kaupapa extends from an understanding that those of us who live in his shadow should constantly challenge ourselves to learn from his example and to better look after each other by working together and co-creating new ideas and solutions for the intergenerational challenges that face us all who reside in our special place in the world.

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Whenua-based Collective Action for Inter-Generational Transformation

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