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Increasing Available Houses for Locals

 & increase % of Healthy Homes

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Local housing needs to be affordable, sustainable, and environmentally appropriate for

whānau across Raetihi, Ohakune and Waiouru.

As part of our research an in-depth survey was conducted with over 10% of locally occupied homes providing insights from whānau about the issues they identified as the most important to address. At the same time we have gathered kōrero on their unique housing aspirations. These rich insights

informed the development of a new Ruapehu Housing Action Plan: 

'Te Whare Āhuru ki Ruapehu' which is currently being implemented.


Four priority areas identified are:​

Home Ownership  ​   

Repairs & Maintenance    

Heating Solutions  ​ 

Ruapehu Whare Facts


Current Housing solutions

Increase the number of Ruapehu homes available to be owned/rented by locals

Scope and establish a Ruapehu Housing Enterprise so that we can continue to deliver housing solutions and aspirations, beyond this plan, alongside our whānau

Housing: Service


Undertake a Housing Needs Survey & develop an Action Plan

Creation and implementation of a Property Warrant of Fitness

home assessment programme

Support and develop internal & external Healthy Homes Initiatives

Investigate Alternative Housing Development

the data

Ho2 Home ownership.png

Home ownership per town increased from 2013 to 2018.

Source: Stats NZ Census Data

Ho3 Whanau Home Ownership.png

From 2018-2020, 60 whānau completed a Toward Home Ownership Programme. Since then, one whānau have purchased a whare and three are working with a mortgage broker.

Source: Ngāti Rangi

Ho5 Unoccupied.png

Houses in each town that are either occupied or unoccupied. Unoccupied homes are usually owned as holiday properties and are empty for parts of the year.  

Source: Stats NZ Census Data

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