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Connect local jobs and local workers &
ensure local workforce and business eco-system has the right capacity

For sustainability of our employment and enterprise outcomes, we must ensure we create the conditions for a thriving and enabling business environment, in particular for local whānau who have the willingness and the passion to start a business but, who may not necessarily have the experience. We also have to create pathways for our younger generations to see enterprise is a viable option for them, through being inspired by others who they can relate to and are already doing it well. 


Following on from the highly successful creation of iwi-owned company Ruapehu Recruitment, a localised Ruapehu business eco-system will work to encourage locally owned businesses to increase economic development providing for a flourishing local workforce is being created. Sustainable connection of local workers with local jobs, career and business opportunities is a key focus.

We are also focusing on contenting to grow a business culture which creates sustainable enterprises that take into consideration the social and environmental goals and realities of our unique place; encourage a living wage, lead by example in relation to the eco foot print of their operations and ensure social good in the structures and functions of the businesses and employment arrangements.


Current Employment & Enterprise Solutions


Establish a Zero Waste Enterprise


Map the Ruapehu Business Start-up Eco System


Ensure Full Community Work Placement

Employment and Enterprise: Service
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Provide localised advice and support for both employees & employer through the

creation of iwi-owned company 'Ruapehu Recruitment'

Construct an innovative modern and open digital technology & learning environment. 

'Te Pae Tata' pushes the boundaries of educational possibility for our community

Support a dedicated Community Work Broker position

Host related job drive events & annual Community Careers Expo

Complete a Local Skills Needs analysis

the data

EM3 Total employment.png

From 2013-2018, the kaupapa resulted in 350 employment outcomes and in 2018-2022, it resulted in 500 employment outcomes.

Source: Ruapehu Whānau Transformation and Ruapehu Recruitment Annual Reports

Em2 Median Income.png

The median income per town in 2013 and 2018.

Source: Stats NZ Census Data, 2013, 2018

Em5 Industry Contribution to Local GDP.png

The Ruapehu contribution in comparison to the New Zealand contribution to the local GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

Source: Statistics New Zealand Regional GDP for main regional council regions. MBIE modelled TA (Territorial Authorities) GDP estimates for sub-regions. Year ending Mar 2019. Nominal GDP.

MBIE modelled TA GDP is not an official Tier 1 statistic. 2015 results are provisional estimates.

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