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Increase numeracy and literacy

& improve access to STEAM learning

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Our local education system needs to provide a seamless transition for all tamariki from early childhood through to tertiary and beyond. Utilising the richness of our local surroundings, natural resources and alpine experiences, learning can be contextualised in a way that reflects and reinforces the identity and culture of descendants and citizens of this area.


Throughout this kapupapa we focus on education and learning wider than the classroom; whānau learning, community learning and community requirements for succession, in particular in preparing ourselves and our children for future industries. We cannot see precisely what those industries might be but for the success of our rohe, we cannot overlook the urgency of being equipped to lead them.


These new opportunities allow us to shine a light on areas where more focus is currently required.

Current Education solutions


Co-design a Ruapehu Learning Journal


Establish initiatives to grow full community and whānau succession through a new

Ruapehu Whānau Leadership Journey


Establish training programmes that will achieve the new Ruapehu Learning Steps

Education: Service


Creation of a Ruapehu Learning Journal featuring local kōrero, Whānau specific

programme development to provide free reading

 Literacy and numeracy programmes all whānau can use together and within their homes


A bi-lingual Community 'Tagging' Project celebrating the importance of reading and literacy


The development of a NCEA & Whānau Events programme

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